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Alcatraz Tour

June 13, 2015 - 3:00pm
Alcatraz and history go hand-in-hand. Once home to some of America's most notorious criminals, Alcatraz is now home to rare flowers and plants, marine wildlife, and thousands of roosting and nesting sea birds. Civil War-era buildings dotting the island give insight into the 19th century when the island served as both a harbor defense fort and a military prison. You can also see visible reminders of the American Indian Occupation that started in 1969 after the prison closed, highlighting an important milestone in the American Indian rights movement. Come experience the beauty, history and infamy of Alcatraz on the San Francisco Bay. You'll be astounded by what you learn and see.
Price: Currently enrolled UCM students and Rec-Cen Members: $50, All others: $75

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