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Personal Training

Are you not getting the most out of your workouts? Not sure what machines to use, how to use them, how often to use them, or how to maximize the effect and more?

Certified personal trainers take the work out of the weight room and are passionate about helping you! The personal trainers assess your current abilities and listen to your personal goals, and create a specialized plan just for you.

Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments are an instrumental part of personal training. They allow a personal trainer and client to be aware of current fitness levels. Several tests are administered; push-up test; sit-up test; sit-and-reach test; postural assessment; body composition and a Functional Movement Screening.

Personal Training Programs

Personal training is individualized, and a selected trainer works with you one-on-one. The personal trainer will use cardiovascular training, weights, thera-bands and other specialty equipment to help build your training program. During your session your trainer will provide focused exercise instruction based on your goals and fitness outcome. The guidance and consistent encouragement will help you maintain your motivation and confidence. 

Personal Training and Fitness Assessment Packages

Fitness Assessment 

  • Fitness Assessment: $30

**Everyone must complete a Fitness Assessment prior to Personal Training unless signing up for the "Intro to the Gym" package. 

60 Minute Sessions 

  • One session: $30
  • Three sessions: $90
  • Six sessions: $174
  • Eight sessions: $224

30 Minute Sessions

  • One session: $25
  • Three sessions: $57
  • Six sessions: $108
  • Eight sessions: $136

Partner Training

  • One session: $25 (Total $50)
  • Three sessions: $72 (Total $144)
  • Six sessions: $138 (Total $276)
  • Eight sessions: $176 (Total $352)

*Partner sessions are 60 minute sessions. Either two people can split the total cost or one person can cover both for the total pricing. 

Intro to the Gym Package

  • Fitness Consultation plus One 60 minute session: $50

*Meet with a trainer for a 30 minute consultation to talk about goals and what you are looking to get out of one session whether that is to learn about certain equipment, advice on switching up your own program or new exercises to learn. 

How to Sign Up

Registration for personal training packages and fitness assessments are taken at the Joseph Edward Gallo Recreation and Wellness Center front desk. Forms of payment accepted are cash, check, cat card and credit cards.

For questions please email