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Bobcat Martial Arts GBC Tournament

February 27, 2016 - 4:00pm

GBC stands for Golden Bobcat Cup. The tournament is split into different divisions:


Forms (Katas): Participants perform a particular form and are judged based on accuracy, knowledge, precision, intensity, speed, etc.


Weapon Forms: Same as regular forms, except that this are performed wielding weapons (bo staffs, knives, swords, etc.)


Sparring: This is the light contact fighting section which is based on a point system. 


Stick fighting: Same as sparring, but wielding especial scrima sticks designed for competition fighting.


All the weapons are designed for training/competition purposes. For instance, knives are made out of wood or plastic.


Come out to support your Bobcat Martial Arts! This event will be hosted in the Joseph Edward Gallo Gym. 


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