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Sport Clubs

The UC Merced Sports Clubs program is comprised of 12 competitive and recreational clubs that are designed to provide opportunities for UC Merced students to pursue their interests and leadership for sports in depth. They compete at the regional and national level while gaining skills in teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and financial management. Students have the opportunity to participate in the sport they love at as well as enjoying the rewards of athletic competition. Each sports club is managed and run by the students themselves. Check out more information about the different types of sports clubs, or download the sports club application to start your own club!

Objectives of the Sports Clubs Program

  • To provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for instruction and participation in a wide variety of sports
  • To develop leadership skills by providing opportunities for students to organize, administer, and manage through individual clubs.
  • To contribute to and an avenue for camaraderie and to develop a sense of belonging among individuals in the shared pursuit of sport.
  • To participate and have an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a particular sport.
  • To secure funds, facilities and equipment necessary to learn and practice skills of a particular sport.

For questions and more general information on Sports Clubs please e-mail