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Class Descriptions



Moderately paced class appropriate for ongoing or experienced Level 1 students through advanced students. A mixed style class incorporating Vinyasa Yoga as well as attention to alignment and technique. Come join us in SAAC 217.

Stretch and Core

This class includes dynamic stretches that flow from one stretch to other with many core exercises inbetween. You will increase your flexiblity while building core strength. Come join us in SAAC 217. 

Advanced Stretching

This dynamic stretching class has many aspects of yoga and pilates like movements. This class will help you improve flexibility and balance. 



Dance, Dance, Dance to Latin, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Merengue and Reggaeton styles. Dance moves are mixed with squats and lunges for a Fun Fitness Experience!!! Come dance with us in SAAC 217.


Get your heart rate up with this high energy, fast paced class. This class will not only work your cardiovascular system, but strengthen your legs, core and back. Come join us in SAAC 215!

HIIT Glutes and Legs; HIIT Glutes, Legs and Core 45

This either 45 minute or 1 hour class will help you increase strength while burning calories while using a variety of equipment including free weights and body weight. Come join us in SAAC 217! 

Ab Blast 45

This low-impact, 45 minute class will help improve postural alignment, core strength and flexibility. Join us in SAAC 217.