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Class Descriptions



Moderately paced class that moves through various yoga poses that focuses on alignment and technique. This class will not only focus on increasing flexibility but on full body strength, balance and breathing techniques. All levels are welcomed. 

Stretch and Flexibilty

This class will focus on long stretches that will increase your flexibility and range of motion. There will be some core exercises throughout the class and movement to be able to stretch in a safe and effective way. All levels are welcomed to join. 

Stretch and Core

This class includes dynamic stretches that flow from one stretch to other with many core exercises throughout the class to help improve full body strength, flexibility and balance. This class is recommended for all levels.




F45 training focuses on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Functional Training. Each class is different with Monday, Wednesday, Friday focusing on cardiovascular endurance, Tuesday, Thursday muscular strength and Saturday, Sunday a hybrid of endurance and strength. Modifications are given all throughout the workout and all levels are encouraged to participate!

HIIT Glutes, Legs and Core 

This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class will focus on the major muscles of the glutes, legs and core. This class is designed to increase strength and burn calories with a fun variety of body weight exercises.

Ab Blast 45

This low-impact, 45-minute class will help improve postural alignment and core strength. No equipment is required but a mat, towel or blanket is recommended for floor exercises.

Push and Plank Express

This 30-minute class will consist of a variety of pushups and planks; however, being able to do a push up is NOT required! This class is for all levels and for those interested in increasing their upper body and core strength. The class will progressively get harder throughout the semester, but many modifications will be given.